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.RAD File Extension

  • Category: Text Files

What is an .RAD file?

.RAD is Radar ViewPoint Radar Data

Radar data analysis format used for locating aircraft and monitoring airspace.

File Type 2 Reality Adlib Tracker Module
Developer by: Reality Category: Audio Files

Module created by Reality AdLib Tracker, an audio tracking application; contains note and instrument information for a song; holds up to 32 patterns and 31 instruments; common size is 10k or less.

NOTE: Reality AdLib Tracker and Adlib Tracker II are DOS only applications but can be used through DOSBox, a DOS emulator, on contemporary PCs.

Programs that open Reality Adlib Tracker Module
Reality Adlib Tracker
Adlib Tracker II
File Type 3 Citrix Rapid Application Delivery File
Developer by: Citrix Category: Settings Files Format: Text

Configuration file used by Citrix XenApp (formerly Citrix Presentation Server) virtualization software; saved in a plain text format and contains a reference to a hosted application profile; used for launching streamed applications, which provide software to users on demand.

RAD files are opened automatically by the Raderun.exe program included with XenApp. This program can also be run manually at the command line.

Programs that open Citrix Rapid Application Delivery File
Citrix XenApp
File Type 4 VRAD Lights File
Developer by: Valve Category: 3D Image Files Format: XML

3D lighting file used by VRAD, a command line program that adds light properties to a .BSP first-person shooter game map file; stores lighting properties for materials, which define the surface appearance of 3D objects.

RAD files are specified in an XML format. They can include settings for normal LDR and HDR (high dynamic range) color and intensity.

To compile lighting properties into an existing BSP map file, use the following command: vrad -lights bspmapname.rad

Programs that open VRAD Lights File
Valve VRAD
Valve Source SDK
File Type 5 Radiance Scene File
Developer by: Radiance Category: 3D Image Files Format: Text

Scene file used by Radiance, a free ray tracing application; saves objects, materials, and lighting properties; serves as an input for generating an octree (.OCT) file so the scene can be rendered.

RAD files are saved in a text format, so they can be edited easily with a text editor before being converted for rendering.

Programs that open Radiance Scene File

How to solve problems with RAD files

  • Associate the RAD file extension with the correct application. On :
    Windows: Right click on any RAD file and then click "Open with" > "Choose another app". Now select another program and check the box "Always use this app to open *.RAD files". Mac: Right click (or Ctrl-click) the RAD file, then click "Open with" > "Other...". Then choose another program and check the "Always Open With" box. Linux: Right click on the file, and select "Open with" and choose another program. iPhone: Tap the file. If you do not see an app to open the file, then tap Share "Share" and choose an app. Alternatively, save the file. Then open the Files app Files app. There long-press on the file, then release your finger. You will see a black menu bar. Then tap "Share" and select an app. Android: Tap the Settings icon on your smartphone, then tap on the Apps section. There tap the Options icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to change the default apps.
  • Update your software that should actually open .RAD is Radar ViewPoint Radar Data. Because only the current version supports the latest RAD file format. Search, therefore, e.g. on the N/A manufacturer website after an available .RAD is Radar ViewPoint Radar Data update.
  • To make sure that your RAD file is not corrupted or virus-infected, get the file again and scan it with antivirus software.