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._DOC File Extension

  • Category: Text Files
  • Format: Binary

What are ._DOC files and how to open them?

Can't open ._DOC file? Are you wondering what it contains? On our site we will explain to you what this file is, what it is used for and what software opens the ._DOC file.

What is a ._DOC file extension?

._DOC file extension has been classified as Text Files. The format of ._DOC file is Binary

._DOC is Renamed Microsoft Word Document

A _DOC file is a Microsoft Word document with the .doc extension changed to ._doc. It is a .DOC file, which may include formatted text, images, graphs, tables, and charts. _DOC files may be renamed to "._doc" files by an email program to prevent the file from being blocked by an email service.

Another reason why a _DOC file may be created by an email program, such as Windows Live Mail, is if the filename ends with a "." before the "." in the extension. For example, the email program changes sample..doc to sample._doc. This also commonly occurs with .DOCX, .XLS, and .XLSX files.

You can rename _DOC files by changing the "._doc" extension to ".doc". After renaming the file, you can open it as a standard DOC file. Some programs that can open DOC files are Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, LibreOffice Writer, and Apple Pages.

How to fix problems with ._DOC files

  1. You need to update the application that you normally use to open ._DOC files. Only the latest version of the software supports the current ._DOC file format
  2. You need to check the ._DOC file for viruses. To do this, you need to scan it with a popular antivirus (Norton, Nod32, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, etc.)