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什么是 H264 文件以及如何打开它们

您是否在打开 H264 文件时遇到问题,或者只是想知道它们包含什么?我们解释了这些文件的用途,并向您展示我们知道可以打开或以其他方式处理您的文件的软件。

什么是 H264 文件?

.H264 文件是原始 MPEG-4 H264 编码视频文件

H.264,有时也称为 MPEG-4 AVC,是由运动图像专家组 (MPEG) 开发的视频编解码器,是当今使用最广泛的视频编解码器。它是为您观看的大多数在线视频提供支持的编解码器。这也是最容易被误解的一种。因此,让我们看看 H.264 是什么,以及为什么您应该在视频制作中关注它。

什么是 H.264?

H.264 是一种用于压缩和编码视频的编解码器。H.264 中的 H 代表“分层”,它描述了视频如何被分解成几个不同的部分,然后再组合在一起形成最终的视频。这使得 H.264 非常适合流式传输或传输大量数据。

The H.264 format is based heavily on the MPEG-4 format. This makes it easy for video producers to transition from one codec to another. Many of the technologies used in H.264 also exist in other formats, like H.265. The only difference is that H.265 is just a newer version of H.264.

H.264 Pros and Cons

The H.264 format has a few advantages over its competitors. Its main advantages are speed and quality. Its popularity makes it easy to use in almost any type of video production. It's also widely supported by devices. One thing to note is that the quality of your video is based on many factors. The more cameras capturing your footage, the better the quality will be. Likewise, the higher the camera's resolution, the better the quality.

How much post-production work you do on the video is also a factor. If you have high-quality source footage and a great editor, you won't have to do much work to squeeze excellent quality out of your videos. But if you're shooting your videos on the shaky-handheld Samsung camera, your videos may not be as great as you want them to be.

Another thing to consider is that the size of the file you need to store and transfer to your viewers will determine the quality of your video. The higher the quality, the larger the file. The size of the file is determined by the type of video codec you use. Basically, the larger the file, the better the quality. Development of new codecs (video compression techniques) is being done to reduce size while retaining the greatest quality.

Bottom Line

H.264 is an excellent choice for streaming and storing, and transferring high-quality video. It's widely supported by devices, easy to use, and can be used to compress large files without losing too much quality.

If you're looking for a codec that will provide the best quality possible, you should use H.265. If you're looking for a codec that will provide the best speed possible, you should use H.264. H.265 is great for storing and transferring large files, but H.264 is better for streaming or transferring smaller files.

If you're a high-quality video producer, you should also explore the advantages of H.265. H.265 can encode videos with fewer bits per frame, which increases the speed of your video. This can make it easier to compress your videos without losing too much quality.


如何打开 H264 文件

我们已经确定了一个与这种特定类型的 H264 文件兼容的 H264 打开器。

打开原始 MPEG-4 H264 编码视频文件的程序

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众所周知,这些应用会打开某些类型的 H264 文件。请记住,不同的程序可能将 H264 文件用于不同的目的,因此您可能需要尝试其中的一些才能打开您的特定文件。

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