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.SCF File Extension

  • Category: System Files

What are .SCF files and how to open them?

Can't open .SCF file? Are you wondering what it contains? On our site we will explain to you what this file is, what it is used for and what software opens the .SCF file.

What is a .SCF file extension?

.SCF file extension has been classified as System Files.

.SCF is Windows Explorer Command

Command used by Windows Explorer; for example, to move up or down a directory or show the Desktop; run via Internet Explorer.

List of all softwares that can open the Windows Explorer Command
SCF Editor
Microsoft Windows
File Type 2 DNA Sequence Chromatogram File
Category: Data Files

Stores DNA sequence information that can be analyzed using a DNA sequence viewer; similar to a .ABI file, but contains more information and is less prone to errors; may be created by the LF, Li-Cor, Beckman CEQ 2000XL, CEQ 8000, Visible Genetics OpenGene, or other sequencers.

List of all softwares that can open the DNA Sequence Chromatogram File
GSL Biotech SnapGene
Heracle BioSoft DNA Baser
Technelysium Chromas
DNASTAR Lasergene
Genome Compiler
GSL Biotech SnapGene
Genome Compiler
EMBOSS abiview
File Type 3 SimTown Sounds File
Developer by: Maxis Software Category: Game Files

Contains sounds effects and audio data used by SimTown, a small-scale version of SimCity; used to playback sounds within the game.

NOTE: SimTown may alter the standard SCF file association in Windows and cause the "Show Desktop" and "View Channels" icons in the Task Bar to change. To change the SCF file extension back to the default Windows association, follow these steps (provided by Microsoft):

  • Select "Folder Options" from the View menu in an open window and then click the File Types tab.
  • Select "SimTown Sounds" within the Registered File Types box and click Edit.
  • Type "Windows Explorer Command" in the Description Of Type box and click New.
  • Type "Open" in the Action box, and type "c:\progra~1\intern~1\iexplore.exe" in the Application Used To Perform Action box.
  • Click the Use DDE check box and type "[ShellFile("%1","%1",%S)]" in the DDE Message box.
  • Type "Folders" in the Application box, and "AppProperties" in the Topics box.
  • Click OK, then Change Icon, then Browse.
  • Choose an icon to replace the missing icon, click OK, and restart your computer.
  • View the visual guide for changing Windows file associations for more information about how to change file associations in Windows.

    How to fix problems with .SCF files

    1. You need to update the application that you normally use to open .SCF files. Only the latest version of the software supports the current .SCF file format
    2. You need to check the .SCF file for viruses. To do this, you need to scan it with a popular antivirus (Norton, Nod32, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, etc.)