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.GTHR File Extension

  • Developer by: Microsoft
  • Category: Text Files

What are .GTHR files and how to open them?

Can't open .GTHR file? Are you wondering what it contains? On our site we will explain to you what this file is, what it is used for and what software opens the .GTHR file.

What is a .GTHR file extension?

.GTHR file extension is created by Microsoft. .GTHR has been classified as Text Files.

.GTHR is Gather Log File

Text file that contains a log of data collected by a Microsoft logging utility; created by Windows Search, Microsoft Exchange, and SharePoint Portal Server after each file indexing process.

Both Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Portal Server create GTHR files to identify documents and messages that were not successfully indexed. They can be viewed with the Gthrlog.vbs utility by entering the following command:

cscript gthrlog.vbs "[path to GTHR file]"

Since GTHR files only contain index data, they may deleted if they grow too large. However, it may take longer for Windows to index files during the next indexing process.

How to fix problems with .GTHR files

  1. You need to update the application that you normally use to open .GTHR files. Only the latest version of the software supports the current .GTHR file format
  2. You need to check the .GTHR file for viruses. To do this, you need to scan it with a popular antivirus (Norton, Nod32, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, etc.)