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.FZB File Extension

  • Category: Audio Files

What are .FZB files and how to open them?

Can't open .FZB file? Are you wondering what it contains? On our site we will explain to you what this file is, what it is used for and what software opens the .FZB file.

What is a .FZB file extension?

.FZB file extension has been classified as Audio Files.

.FZB is Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump

"Dump" of all sound bank data stored in the memory of a Casio FZ-1, a digital sampling keyboard released by Casio around 1990.

List of all softwares that can open the Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump
FMJ-Software Awave Studio
File Type 2 Form•Z Project Backup File
Developer by: AutoDesSys Category: Backup Files

Backup file created by form•Z, a 3D solids and surfaces modeling application; stores a backup of a form•Z .FMZ project file; used for archival purposes and for restoring the project from backup.

NOTE: Form•Z also creates auto-save files with the .FZA extension that can be used for restoring a project if a backup file is older than the last auto-save.

List of all softwares that can open the Form•Z Project Backup File
AutoDesSys form•Z
AutoDesSys form•Z
File Type 3 Fritzing Bin File
Developer by: Fritzing Category: CAD Files Format: XML

Bin file used by Fritzing, a program that allows users to create interactive electronics designs; stores information about electronic parts (.FZP files), which can be any part of an electronics circuit; includes the part name, module ID, the .PNG icon for the part, and geometric coordinates.

The bins and parts stored in each bin are displayed in the "Parts" pane on the right side of the Fritzing interface. The parts can be dragged from a bin and paced onto a sketch. You can also add parts to your own custom bins and load them into Fritzing.

List of all softwares that can open the Fritzing Bin File

How to fix problems with .FZB files

  1. You need to update the application that you normally use to open .FZB files. Only the latest version of the software supports the current .FZB file format
  2. You need to check the .FZB file for viruses. To do this, you need to scan it with a popular antivirus (Norton, Nod32, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, etc.)