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.DIF File Extension

  • Developer by: Microsoft
  • Category: Data Files
  • Format: Text

What is an .DIF file?

.DIF is Data Interchange Format

A DIF file is a spreadsheet supported by spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and Access and Apache OpenOffice Calc. It contains spreadsheet data exported from a program. DIF files are stored in ASCII text, which means they can be viewed and edited with a text editor.

DIF file open in Microsoft Excel 2016

DIF stands for data interchange format and is a standardized spreadsheet export format that is widely supported. The purpose of DIF files is to allow users to export data from a spreadsheet in a format that can be imported by a variety of programs.

One limitation of the format is that it does not support multiple spreadsheets. This means that the DIF file can only store one spreadsheet. Therefore, if you need to export multiple spreadsheets in the DIF format you will need to create multiple DIF files.

Programs that open Data Interchange Format
Microsoft Excel 2016
Microsoft Access 2016
Corel WordPerfect X9
SAS Institute SAS
IBM Collaboration Solutions
Apache OpenOffice
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft Excel 2016
Planamesa NeoOffice
SAS Institute SAS
Apache OpenOffice
Apache OpenOffice
File Type 2:

MAME CHD Diff File

Developer by: The MAME Team Category: Game Files Format: Binary

File created by MAME arcade game emulators; contains data saved by the emulated game; saves differential data instead of trying to alter the original .CHD game disk image; allows the game to be played without modifying or corrupting the original arcade game data.

When a DIF file is written, MAME subsequently redirects all requests for the "Diff" data to the DIF file instead of the CHD file.

Programs that open MAME CHD Diff File
File Type 3:

Torque Game Engine Model File

Developer by: Category: 3D Image Files Format: Binary

3D model used by the Torque Game Engine, which is used to develop console, PC, and mobile platform video games; contains the 3D geometry, lighting and other information for the game model; often used for displaying buildings in the game.

Programs that open Torque Game Engine Model File
Torque Game Engine
Torque Constructor
File Type 4:

Digital Interface Format

Category: Video Files

Raw digital video format similar to the .DV file format; used by Pinnacle Liquid Edition for capturing video

Programs that open Digital Interface Format
Apple QuickTime Player
Pinnacle Studio 22

How to solve problems with DIF files

  • Associate the DIF file extension with the correct application. On :
    Windows: Right click on any DIF file and then click "Open with" > "Choose another app". Now select another program and check the box "Always use this app to open *.DIF files". Mac: Right click (or Ctrl-click) the DIF file, then click "Open with" > "Other...". Then choose another program and check the "Always Open With" box. Linux: Right click on the file, and select "Open with" and choose another program. iPhone: Tap the file. If you do not see an app to open the file, then tap Share "Share" and choose an app. Alternatively, save the file. Then open the Files app Files app. There long-press on the file, then release your finger. You will see a black menu bar. Then tap "Share" and select an app. Android: Tap the Settings icon on your smartphone, then tap on the Apps section. There tap the Options icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to change the default apps.
  • Update your software that should actually open .DIF is Data Interchange Format. Because only the current version supports the latest DIF file format. Search, therefore, e.g. on the Microsoft manufacturer website after an available .DIF is Data Interchange Format update.
  • To make sure that your DIF file is not corrupted or virus-infected, get the file again and scan it with antivirus software.