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.CWT File Extension

  • Developer by: Cakewalk
  • Category: Audio Files

What are .CWT files and how to open them?

Can't open .CWT file? Are you wondering what it contains? On our site we will explain to you what this file is, what it is used for and what software opens the .CWT file.

What is a .CWT file extension?

.CWT file extension is created by Cakewalk. .CWT has been classified as Audio Files.

.CWT is Cakewalk SONAR Template

Template created by Cakewalk SONAR, a digital audio workstation (DAW) application; contains pre- or user-defined settings; used for editing music and sound samples; includes settings for different audio effects such as input gain/pan, volume, tempo, and speaker outputs.

To create your own template with the CWT extension, customize your settings, select File → Save or Save As..., name your file, choose the save location (or leave it as the default location in the program folder), click the "Save as type" drop down menu, select "Template," and click Save.

To open your CWT file, select File → Open..., navigate to your CWT file, or click the "Go to Folder" drop down menu and select "Template files" if you saved your file in the default location in the program folder, and click Open.

List of all softwares that can open the Cakewalk SONAR Template
Cakewalk SONAR X3
File Type 2 ChordWizard Template
Developer by: ChordWizard Software Category: Page Layout Files

Template used by Songtrix, a program used to learn about and create music; stores the settings of a report design in order to maintain a consistent visual style when printing reports; includes symbol formation, sizing, colors, fonts, track selection, and alignment data.

Templates are used for the design of three different report types, which are the Staff Sheet, Lyric Sheet, and Chord Street. Each report type has a different collection of settings, so the templates are incompatible with different reports.

You can save a report design template by selecting File → Print... and clicking Save... under in the "Template" section. The template file can be saved anywhere but should be saved in the "Templates" folder within the application directory in order to be readily available for use.

NOTE: Songtrix is available in bronze, silver, and gold editions, which are geared towards beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.

List of all softwares that can open the ChordWizard Template
ChordWizard Songtrix
File Type 3 ClarisWorks Texture File
Developer by: ClarisWorks Category: Vector Image Files

File created by ClarisWorks, a program used for word processing, spreadsheet editing, and drawing; contains textures referenced by the drawing function in ClarisWorks.

NOTE: ClarisWorks became AppleWorks in 1998. AppleWorks then dissolved into Apple's iWork Suite. The last update to AppleWorks came in January 2004 with version 6.2.9 for Mac.

List of all softwares that can open the ClarisWorks Texture File
Apple AppleWorks
Apple AppleWorks
Apple AppleWorks

How to fix problems with .CWT files

  1. You need to update the application that you normally use to open .CWT files. Only the latest version of the software supports the current .CWT file format
  2. You need to check the .CWT file for viruses. To do this, you need to scan it with a popular antivirus (Norton, Nod32, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, etc.)