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.ANIM File Extension

  • Developer by: Autodesk
  • Category: 3D Image Files
  • Format: Text

What is an .ANIM file?

.ANIM is Maya Animation File

3D animation file created by Maya, a professional 3D modeling application; saves references to objects and their animation properties; includes keyframes that specify anchor points of the animation; also includes rotations and the timeline.

ANIM files allow modelers to create smooth motions by defining a number of intermediate frames between keyframes that are rendered automatically by a graphics engine. For example, a human arm can move by specifying a starting keyframe at frame 0 and an ending keyframe at frame 20.

Programs that open Maya Animation File
Autodesk Maya 2018
File Type 2 Unity Animation File
Developer by: Unity Technologies Category: 3D Image Files

Animation file created by Unity, a 3D game development tool; created in Unity's Animation View and saves an animation clip; specifies the moving parts of 3D game objects using animation curves and events; can be scripted with the Unity scripting engine.

The Unity Animation View can be accessed by selecting Window → Animation.

Programs that open Unity Animation File
Unity Technologies Unity
Unity Technologies Unity
File Type 3 Amiga Animation File
Developer by: Amiga Category: Video Files Format: Binary

Simple animation file created in the Amiga ANIM format; saves a bitmap image frames plus deltas, which store the changes between the frames that make up the animation; used by older Amiga computers.

The Amiga ANIM format is based on the Interchange File Format (.IFF files).

File Type 4 Antibody Animation File
Developer by: Hidden Temple Studios Category: 3D Image Files Format: Binary

DirectX animation file used by Antibody, a rail shooter game; contains animation properties for 3D game objects; used for animating the defender white blood cell, tape worms, viruses, and other objects.

Programs that open Antibody Animation File
Hidden Temple Studios Antibody

How to solve problems with ANIM files

  • Associate the ANIM file extension with the correct application. On :
    Windows: Right click on any ANIM file and then click "Open with" > "Choose another app". Now select another program and check the box "Always use this app to open *.ANIM files". Mac: Right click (or Ctrl-click) the ANIM file, then click "Open with" > "Other...". Then choose another program and check the "Always Open With" box. Linux: Right click on the file, and select "Open with" and choose another program. iPhone: Tap the file. If you do not see an app to open the file, then tap Share "Share" and choose an app. Alternatively, save the file. Then open the Files app Files app. There long-press on the file, then release your finger. You will see a black menu bar. Then tap "Share" and select an app. Android: Tap the Settings icon on your smartphone, then tap on the Apps section. There tap the Options icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to change the default apps.
  • Update your software that should actually open .ANIM is Maya Animation File. Because only the current version supports the latest ANIM file format. Search, therefore, e.g. on the Autodesk manufacturer website after an available .ANIM is Maya Animation File update.
  • To make sure that your ANIM file is not corrupted or virus-infected, get the file again and scan it with antivirus software.